Paper 2 Nur 329 – Nursing Paper Help

Write a minimum of (3) but not more than (5) pages that fully discuss the concepts listed in the grading rubric. Note: Your reference page will not be considered as part of the 3-5 pages. (Please note:  Your paper must be a minimum of three pages.)
Follow the APA (6th ed.) manual to guide formatting.
Use 1″ margins, double-spaced, and 12-point Times New Roman font.
List at least (3) references. Note: Do not use your textbook or the APA (6th ed.) manual as a reference. Excluding in-text citations and/or a reference page will result in a failing grade for the paper. (If Schmidt & Brown is used as a reference, your paper will be returned to you and must be re-written.)

Review the QSEN Powerpoint [PDF] – Alternative Formats  and the completed Quality Improvement Discussion etc. for helpful information.
Identify and discuss a quality improvement issue in nursing practice

Discuss tools for quality improvement.
Develop a plan for improvement of the issue/problem. (This will be an example of a plan for a project. You will not be required to implement the project.

3 pages of research content and the other 2 pages for the title page and reference page.  Thank you! 

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