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Before beginning this assignment be sure to watch the Scales of Measurement video. The YouTube link for this video is Observational experience to identify data based on people, events, and behaviors that represent a specific population. Go to a coffee shop in your neighborhood, spend a minimum of two hours. Upon arrival gather observations about the environment,
NoisePerceptions related to peoples behaviorsNumber of people presentNumber of staffFacial expressions on customersFacial expressions on staffNumber of laptops and tabletsNumber of perceived business meetingsSitting along vs 2 or moreCreate a chart with of the above-named categories and fill in the numbers upon arrival, and every 15 minutes for a total of eight observations. Using this data set, calculate the mean, mode, and median along with the percent of change that occurs every 15 minutes per observation. Notate if the data being measured is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio.
Write a 500-750-word paper, based on your observation, identify three things you learned about data and statistics. How might this newly acquired skill translate into patient care?
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