critical thinking case study part 1

Critical Thinking Case Study part 1
Critical Thinking Case Study: Identification, Research, Analysis
Read Case 28 in the final chapter of the textbook – Entitled “The Box” (attached)
Submit to the drop box in MLA format. Place your name, the professor’s name, the course name and the date in the upper left-hand corner. Include a Work Cited page, (see drop box rules).

Follow the sample format below.


List the main moral issue in the correct format. (See Module 2)
Should……………….? OR What should……………….?
List only one main issue.


List three topics that would be appropriate to research.
If you were the person named in your ethical issue and you had to make this decision – what information would you want to help you make a better decision and where would you find it? You do not need to complete the research, just list the three specific topics you would research. Three different topics are required.
If you need help and you are near campus go to the Writing Commons in the Library or Learning Support Center and ask for help with this research. If you are not near campus go to the Begin Here Module and use Ask-A-Librarian.


Create an analysis chart including at least 4 options and 4 stakeholders as seen in chapter 4. In the chart briefly explain how you believe each stakeholder will be affected by each option.

Helpful Hints:

All options must be in the control of the person named in your main ethical issue.
There are many options but choose the best options. All options should be reasonable options that the person named in your main issue could choose to best solve the ethical issue.

For example, if the main ethical issue is, Should Jack report Jill for stealing computers, all of your options should begin with Jack could…….
Creating a chart – You can copy and paste from the sample format or create the chart in MS Word by clicking on the Insert Tab – Table – choose 5X5 if you have four stakeholders and four options so you can label your chart. If you are still having problems contact the help desk – 341-help or the instructor.

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