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Read Chapter 3 Verbal Communication (Links to an external site.). Once you have read the chapter, complete the following over the reading:
1. Make a list of three words (3) that have strong connotations for you. Answer the following questions:

How does your connotation differ from the denotation?
How might your connotation differ from another person’s?

2. List the functions of language (5.)
3. Explain, in 2-3 complete sentences and using your own words, how language affects our credibility.
4. List and define what you consider to be the top 3 college slang words for 2019.
5. Using the information and terms in the reading, answer the following questions about your own use of verbal language:

What are some areas of verbal communication that you can do well on?
What are some areas of verbal communication that you could improve?

6. Based on the information about cultural bias and how it relates to the five cultural identities (race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability), identify something you learned about bias related to one of these identities that you didn’t know before. What can you do now to be more aware of how verbal communication can reinforce cultural biases?
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