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Many organizations will put together an informational packet when attempting to recruit new personnel. A recruitment company has asked you to put together an informational packet about your current department, or one in your community, detailing a few areas. The informational packet may be a brochure or a handout, either of which the recruiters could provide to candidates. The informational packet may contain images, but you will be graded only on the content of the information provided. Be sure to address each of the following points in the informational packet:

Discuss the history of a fire service or emergency service organization in your community (or the fire service if not associated with one) and how the organization has evolved in response to industry trends.
Identify a job (title) within the organization (or within the fire service), and discuss the job requirements. Discuss how a potential candidate would obtain these certifications and/or training.
Discuss the process to be hired, and add in a physical assessment component.

Your submission must include a minimum of three pages of content (not counting the title page or reference page). Be sure to include an introduction in the packet. Be sure to submit it in APA style and include references.
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