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Assessment 1
Critical Evaluation of a Strategic Management Concept
1000 Word Essay
The purpose of this assignment is to assess your ability to learn from reflecting on employment relations situations through analysis of literature, readings and class discussions.
The ability to reflect upon on current events is a very important skill in employment relations.
For this assignment you are required to identify an employment relations issues/problems which are currently or have very recently been in the Australian news media. The issues/problems should relate to some aspect of one of the topics covered in Weeks 3 and 4.

Week 3 – The political, economic and social context in which employment relations is practiced
Week 4 – Legal framework of employment.

Topics to choose from are listed below:

Workplace discrimination ( This is the topic I’ve chosen to do)
Unfair dismissal
Workers right to strike

The reflective questions you need to address are:

What are the major current themes and issues?
What are the employers’ perspectives?
What are the employees’ perspectives?
What are the implications of the issue for organisations e.g. brand, reputation?
What is the State’s interests in the issue?

This critique should be against the theories and practical material discussed in class as well as additional research by students. You should use the text as a starting point and research recent high quality journal articles on the issue.
This is your chance to consider real employment relations situations and either support or argue a perspective, rather than just accepting what has been delivered.
The following website provides some ideas about how reflective writing pieces can be effectively framed….
A possible structure for the reflective report could be:

Introduction (200 words)
Employers’ perspective (250 words)
Employees’ perspective (250 words)
Implications for the organisation (250 words)
Political, social and economic context (250 words)
Reference List ( Atleast 10 references no dodgy websites are to be used scholarly resources ONLY)

PlEASE NOT ALLLLL REFRENCES AND ALLLL LEGISLATIONS USED ARE TO BE AUSTRALIAN THE STATE OF NSW. This is vital and I need atleast 5 legislative used throughout and referenced correctly
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