the original research article and outline 1

Thesis: Many parents are busy with work, only pay attention to the child’s material satisfaction, and do not pay attention to the child’s mental health.
Topic:In summary, neglecting the children’s mental health has devastating consequences on the safety of the children. Reports show that the number of children who commit suicide annually due to abuse and neglect by the parents continues to rise steadily. Also, neglecting the children’s behavior impacts negatively on the emotional behaviors and mental wellness of the children in society today. However, further study should be conducted to dig deep into this matter and answer the daily emerging issues on the topic of neglecting the children’s behavior. What are the major factors that make parents neglect their children’s mental health?
I will need the outline tomorrow (June 6.2019). please check the Outline format. I had been upload the files, and the Essay will Due June 8 2019 (PST)
The Original Research Article (ORA) asks you to put forward and support an academic argument related to your narrowed social science topic. Note: Your FINAL DRAFT of this is in the FRA.
Throughout the research and writing process of previous assignments up till this point, you have not put forth your own opinions or viewpoints but focused on reporting the information, analyses and conclusions of other scholars. The ORA is the place where you will showcase and present your own insights, interpretations, and viewpoints as they relate to your topic.
Your Original Argument:
An academic argument should include the following elements: a main claim, reasons, and evidence. It should be structured clearly and framed in a manner consistent with what you are arguing. For example, if you are defining a term (like “voluntary manslaughter”) and are then arguing that someone should be freed on the basis of that definition, you would want to use a definition-style argument. Your textbook is full of different styles of argument – peruse them and find one that works best with your claim. Your first step will be, actually, to read about the different kinds of arguments in your textbook, so skim Chapters 7-12 FIRST!
Although you are likely to include a great number of observations, interpretations and insights throughout your essay, your main claim will be a response to your research question. In a large sense, the originality of your overall contribution to the shared scholarly understanding of your topic will depend on the originality of your research question.
More Research:
You need a minimum of 5 NEW sources for the ORA, so keep on browsing, surfing, researching, and asking questions. Remember – this is the area where you are diving into territory related to a crime, so most of you will probably have podcasts, youtube clips of people involved, or interviews as sources – often this is where you get to have the research you REALLY REALLY want. It just must be CREDIBLE.

In developing your argument and trying to support an answer (hypothesis) to your original research question in the ORA, you will of course draw upon your Background Essay and Literature Review. However, the way in which you have narrowed your topic and the questions you are now asking may have gone through substantial changes as you moved through the various assignments, so you might also end up having to do new background research or to find new scholarly articles/chapters.
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