Extra Question

With the Covid-19 pandemic there is continual research being conducted by experts.  One of the main issues today is the drug hydroxychloroquine, which is used for Malaria and Lupus.  There are positive results for Covid-19 patients that have used hydroxchloroquine. Dr Oz has reported his conversations with two physicians that have used hydroxchloroquine for years on their Lupus patient and there have been zero side effects.  These doctors have said the information that some news stations are reporting is false.  Therefore, President Trump has said “try” it, what do you have to lose?    A Democratic congress woman was on TV yesterday saying she took hydroxchloroquine and it saved her life.  But if you listen to some of the news stations like MSNBC and CNN you will hear that the President must be receiving financial gains from the drug hydroxchloroquine.  I have provided this information because I have to wonder if this type of false information that points to “political” reasons is why some research is claimed to be “deficient.”
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