evaluate the role of human resources in organizational functioning 1

Relationships typically differ between workers and the organization. To address substantive improvement, an effective leader needs to develop a solid understanding regarding the relationship between workers and the organization. Use the assigned readings for the course as well as additional applicable scholarly sources, create a handout to be used for leaders and/or managers that describes, in sufficient detail, supportive references that cite the perceptual role of human resources within organizational functioning that involve the following*:

Human resource assumptions.
Theories of worker motivation.
The relationship between worker personality and organizational characteristics.
How to win with people.
The importance of understanding interpersonal worker relationships.
How workers are treated, supported, and valued within an educational setting of interest (e.g., school or school district) and how these areas could be improved.*Be sure to use visuals to enhance this where appropriate.

Length: 5-7 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: Minimum of 5 scholarly resources
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