which dynamic of motivation has the highest influence in sports and physical activity among athletes

I am interested in the following motivations; (1) intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, (2) reward-based motivation (also known as incentive motivation), (3) fear-based motivation, (4) achievement-based motivation, (5) power-based motivation, (6) affiliation motivation, (7) competence motivation, (8) expectancy theory of motivation, (9) equity theory of motivation, and (10) arousal theory of motivation. Do student-athletes face pressure, stress, fear, anxiety.

You will submit a review of literature on your chosen research question. Specific criteria and recommendations follow:

You will utilize APA writing style in your review. Please pay attention to how to reference the articles within your review.
If you are describing someone else’s observation or writing, a reference should be provided.
Your reference page(s) will list your references in APA format.
Your paper must be well organized in terms of the presentation of the information.
DO NOT list one paper after another. You are to present aspects of your topic in a logical order leading up to the purpose of your study. Though you may have a single reference for a specific component of your review, typically, you will address an issue or point raised in a few articles in a paragraph. You would reference them in the paragraph as you discuss the topic.
You will include 30 references. Do not place an article in your reference section that was not used in your paper and cited.
Quotes should be minimal. Proper APA style must be used in presentation of quotes, including page/paragraph numbers.
Your paper shall be a minimum of 15 pages and may include your references.
You DO NOT need a Title Page or abstract for this assignment. You may include them, but they do not count toward the minimal page requirement.
I detest reading paragraphs that are a page or two in length. Paragraphs should address a specific point/subject… Do not drone on and on. Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence.
Paragraphs should lead into one another in a logical way.
You will likely have subheadings for your review. Be sure that you adhere to the APA heading instructions/format.
Your review should start with a basic premise or observation and lead, logically, to the statement of the problem.
Your review will end with a statement of the problem.

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