the final step of this project is to include a conclusion of 2 3 paragraphs regarding the addition of an important hr consideration that was not previously included in your week 4 ip paper

Please choose 1 item from the following list:

Risk management
Safety and health, including the legal areas surrounding this
Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA-1970) provisions, including record keeping and inspection requirements
Effective safety management
Workplace health issues
Workplace violence and effective security programs
Disaster preparation and recovery planning
Employee rights associated with free speech and access to employee records
Workplace monitoring and drug testing
Development of employee handbook
Just cause
Due process
Wrongful discharge
Absenteeism measurement and monitoring
Discipline approaches (e.g., positive and progressive)
Unions (e.g., membership, collective bargaining, and unionization)
Grievance procedures

Research your chosen topic using the online library, course materials, and credible Web sites. In 500–700 words, discuss that topic in more detail by providing the following:

General description of topic
How topic relates to your company specifically
How you (as HR management) will incorporate this concept into company policy and practice, including:

Important legal or ethical concerns to consider in integrating this concept into practice
Recommended system for monitoring its effectiveness, reliability, and validity

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