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Events managementOrder DescriptionMy research question is:How can sustainability enhance the profitability of events Organization Companies in the UK?I want i really good work for my dissertation, i will send the feedback which i received for the literature review draft, which you need to change based on the feedbackObjective: The dissertation is a substantial work of research that is analytical rather than descriptive in focus. It applies existing theory to develop a research question and investigate an issuerelevant to management/HR. It defines terms robustly and with reference to existing research definitions of key concepts and analyses data (usually) to reach original conclusions and explanationslinked to the research question. It discusses the findings and any conclusions, recommendations or limitations of the study. Deliverable: Your dissertation is a 10’000-word research paper on yourchosen topic. Please follow the generic structure below:? Executive summary – not included in word count? Introduction? Literature Review? Method – Justify your research approach (e.g., case study, experiential evidence, interviews, document analysis, survey), describe your sample and procedure, and list variables (if quantitative)? Results? Discussion – Critically discuss your results, discuss implication for future research and for practice, acknowledge limitations of your research, and conclude? References – not included in word count? Appendix (survey, interview protocol, pictures, further analysis, etc.) – not included in word countObjective: The literature review is an essential section in every dissertation. The literature review presents a discussion of what experts and academics have written about the concepts andtheories relating to your research question. It is your evaluation of how their work fits with your own study to provide the historical and theoretical context. In sum, your reader shouldunderstand how the work of other authors is influencing the approach you will take in your research. Deliverable: You need to submit a 3’000-word draft literature review, comprising of: ?Introduction. The introduction (to the overall dissertation) must provide the rationale for your dissertation: what you are trying to answer and why it is important to do this research. Yourintroduction should contain a clear statement of the research question and the aims of the research (closely related to the question). o Research Question. Start by stating what your research topicand research question are. o Research Model. Mention, in a couple of sentences, how you plan to answer your research question. In other words, which type of evidence (quantitative or qualitative)will you collect to answer your question?? Literature Review. A critical review of the literature. Minimum 10 articles.
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