read some religion materials and write a discussion blog 5

The materials is already upload, the blog don’t need too long. I think like 300 words is fine.
The blog topic is
At the end of this course have you experienced a shift in how you think or feel about spirituality and work? If so, how would you describe it? If so, how will you manifest this shift in your life?
If not, what challenged your understanding in this course?

Please note that you still need to integrate the Module Notes and readings in your responses.
You have to read the materials then finish this work.
And need some specific reference, including page numbers, for each source in the Modules.
I will also post 2 more others blog, you need to read them and write some reply. The reply need 100 words each.
If you not sure now to write this blog, you can check how the others write.
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