need help in cloud computing course assignment 2

The architectures aligns with mechanisms and mechanisms create the features/business drivers of the Cloud. View the attached matrix. A third column architecture has been added that is blank. For this assignment, complete the third column by adding the different architectures.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for plagiarism using SafeAssign. Be sure to properly cite any material from other sources.
if there is plagiarism then will ask for refund.
Required Text Book
Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture by Thomas Erl, Ricardo Puttini, Zaigham Mahmood, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 9780133387520.
Recommended Reading:

Yeluri, Raghu., & Castro-Leon, Enrique. Building the Infrastructure for Cloud Security Gendron Michael. Business Intelligence and the Cloud
Chandrasekaran, K. Essentials of Cloud Computing
Newcombe, Lee. Securing Cloud Services, A pragmatic approach to security

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