what implications the adoption of different epistemological and methodological traditions might have for social science research with particular social theme poverty 1200 words

You need to demonstrate in depth your understanding of the relationship between epistemology, methodology and research findings in social science. As part of this, you must include reference to your chosen social theme :poverty. Your analysis should focus on the following:
1. In general, how does epistemology impact on methodology, and how do both epistemology and methodology impact knowledge production and theory in social science;
2. Take each of the epistemological perspectives studied on the module and discuss the relationships with choice of methodological strategy and research methods (quantitative and qualitative). Think about how will this affect:
a. The size and scale of the research?b. The number and selection of research participants? c. The role of values in the conduct of research? d. The relevance and use of theory? e. And ultimately, the type of knowledge produced?
3. Does there always have to be a clear distinction between epistemologies and methodologies? What about mixed methods strategies? Throughout the above you should use your chosen social issue to illustrate your discussion. For example, you could include: o How have different epistemological and methodological approaches studied poverty? o How is poverty measured? What issues are there with how they are measured? o How do the above two points affect the type of knowledge produced and the arguments and theories that have developed in the study of the poverty?
15 references or above 1200 words APA format
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