The closure of a project is certain, but how the project is terminated and at what point of in its implementation it is terminated have a profound impact on an organization and its employees.
A project audit provides an opportunity to uncover the issues, concerns and challenges encountered in the execution of a project

Samples of Some lessons learned from projects include:

The necessity of planning for a backup project in case of project failure as it would mitigate the decline in the firm value.
Conducting audit processes after each phase of the project could reduce the cost overruns

1) How are project closures organized and when are closures normally done, use Project Issue Log?
2) What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of conducting audits independently?
3) Who can conduct the project audits.
4) Name some of the various techniques that are available for post implementation of project?

In your Discussion Board for Week 9, attached is a sample audit checklist. Use the answers you may find from the checklist to identify problems that can be solved by project audits.
Review Week 9 powerpoint lecture and presentation under Modules.
11.1 Project Closure (Links to an external site.)
Webinar: Software Testing, Validation & Compliance in Healthcare (Links to an external site.)
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