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CHAPTER 13 “The Era of Self Help” [also known as The Age of Booker T. Washington]
Define the following key terms using the text:
Self Help & Philanthropy
Black self-determination
White philanthropy
Industrial Arts Education vs. Liberal Arts Education
Booker T. Washington
Up From Slavery (1901)
Tuskegee Machine
Washington’s Atlanta Exposition Speech (1895)
National Negro Business League
W.E.B. Du Bois [Alpha Phi Alpha]
Souls of Black Folk (1903)
Talented Tenth
Niagara Movement (1905)
NAACP (1909)
T. Thomas Fortune/New York Age
Ida B. Wells- Barnett
Memphis Free Speech
A Red Record
William Monroe Trotter
Bookerites vs. Niagarites
Benjamin “Pap” Singleton
The Westward Migration
Marcus Garvey & the UNIA
Black Nationalism
Answer the following questions completely using the text:

What was “Black Self-determination” and how did it manifest at the turn of the century?
What is the difference between and “Industrial” verses a “Liberal arts education?”
Explain W.E.B. Du Bois concept of the “talented tenth”. Why did he believe in this view?
Who was Ida B. Wells and what contribution did she make to the civil right’s movement at the turn of the century?
Why do you think “lynching” was such a pervasive problem during post-Reconstruction?
Who was Benjamin “Pap”Singleton and what was his solution to the race problem during post-Reconstruction?
What was the mission of the NACW? What would their mission be in 2018 [give three topics of your own choosing with a brief explanation?]
Explain Garvey’s two concepts of Pan-Africanism and Black Nationalism separately. Also, do these concepts have any relevance in 2019 and beyond? Explain why or why not

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