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International RelationsThis is my graduation senior seminar project, and so far this is the most important project throughout academic progress, that is why you need to follow the instructions very carefully and precisely. It is crucial to understand how the professor needs it, and you understand my research question and what i am trying to aim at.The final paper for this course—worth 50% of your grade—is what is sometimes referred to as a seminar paper. In general terms you are to pick a topic, design a research question answerable primarily from the secondary literature, and write a theoretically informed essay that explores the question. The primary focus is not on data collection, but on examining existing scholarly perspectives, bringing them together to address a problem or issue related to the themes discussed in the course.Basic Instructions. Your paper should meet the following requirements:-15 – 20 pages in length (about 3,500 – 5,000 words), including references-Using Standard Manuscript Format (see instructions)-Use Chicago Author-Date Reference Style (see instructions-At least 10 sources outside of works read in class—these should be scholarly sources such as university press books, book chapters, or articles from peer-reviewed journals.-Detailed Instructions. The topic of your paper should be related to the themes addressed in the course, broadly construed, to include the consequences of modernity in war, violence, international relations, identity, political economy, nationalism, state formation, ethnic politics and related topics. The only real limit as regards the topic is that it is somehow addressed in terms of modernity.*Your paper will be graded on the following criteria:1. Answering the Research Question. To what extent are you successful in answering or exploring the research question. Note that this does not mean having a definitive answer, but proceeding in a reasonable way toward finding a solution and being clear about what you are unable to explain. (20%)2. Conceptual complexity and integration. Do you demonstrate a consistent theoretical perspective? Does your writing demonstrate understanding of that perspective? Do you use synthesize (bring together) your sources to suggest different or new possibilities? Do you identify the weaknesses of your chosen theoretical perspective? Do you suggest ways to address these weaknesses? (50%)3. Logic and Organization. Do you have a clear thesis (or question)? Does the argument develop logically (does one point follow another?) Is each paragraph one key idea? Are there transitions between paragraphs? Is the evidence you provide well-founded (evidence should always be more plausible than conclusions). (20%)4. Style and Mechanics. Correctness of grammar, punctuation, spelling; rhetorical effectiveness, idiomatic and correct usage. (10%)*A research question is a type of question that is answerable in terms of the application of some theory or theories to some set of evidence.-You may have more than one answer, but only one main question.Additional information)*The paper must have some kind of theoretical framework to some kind of evidence-Theoretical framework: A theoretical framework is a systematic explanation derived from the scholarly article- it is not “common sense” or “received wisdom”.Can not be true or false, because it cannot be tested but only, and if you take a piece its called “Hypothesis”, the theory is bigger than the hypothesis. Question is not if its true or false, an accurate map is not useful it depends on your purpose.-For example, UAE’s map if its very accurate, it wouldn’t only show streets and concrete but also etisalat cable lines, electrical stations, etc…..*Examples of Social Science theories:-Functionalism-Structural-Functionalism-Historical Materialism-Structuralism-Symbolic Interpretation-Unconscious Motivation-Resource Mobilisation-Realism-Rational Choice-BiopowerHabitus / Practice/ Structuration-Relative Deprivation-Narrative/Emplotment*Your research for your paper should include both theoretical (general) and evidentiary (specific, case study) readings.For example: if you were to write on the Arab Spring, you literature search should include two tracks:Arab Spring. Where you might find articles in journals like Foreign Affairs, Middle East Journal, Journal of Politics and Law, Modern Economy, Arab Studies Quarterly—specifically about the Arab Spring.Revolutions, Rebellion. Where you might find sources like “Toward a Critical Theory of Revolution” (Polity 1978, pp. 172-199); “Theories of Revolution” (British Journal of Political Science 1972, pp. 339-359); Why Men Rebel (Princeton University Press book, 1970); Beyond Revolution (Praeger book, 1986)*Evaluation-Explore other varieties of explanations of the question, and demonstrate its strength and weaknesses of each explanation-Then you try to come up with your own synthesis, or combination of explanations (theories) that best accounts for your evidence and does not ignore evidence to the contrary.After the paper, write a written abstract explaining your research paper, and prove that you have written it.
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