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Evocative Production and Written ReflectionOrder Description• The Evocative Production needs to be a creative piece of work that clearly reflects the themes and lived experiences explored in the lectures, readings, tutorial presentations and tutorial discussions.• The format taken is your choice and we suggest that you use a medium that you are good at or would like to try. Some suggestions include:o A paintingo A sculptureo A poemo A video clipo An advertisement or poster to raise awareness of an issue e.g. stigma associated with some illnesseso A children’s storybooko A songo An interpretive danceo A collage or postero Written medium: A mock magazine or newspaper article: this could present a story or an argument based on the experiences or challenges in the themes explored across the semester. It would be written as a journalist would, including supporting pictures. This must be your own work not taken from a newspaper or magazine. If this medium is chosen, the written reflection is still a requirement.Refer to the Assignment Resources on FLO which contains several examples of past students’ work.• While the quality of the presentation of the Evocative Production is important, your tutor will not be marking you on the quality of artwork in terms of artistic skill but on evidence that care, time and effort has been taken and an understanding of the sociological concepts is shown.• If using image(s) from the internet you must acknowledge the source(s).addition to the Evocative Production submit a 750 word Written Reflection that supports the theory behind your Evocative Production and demonstrates your intention.• Include a digital photo of your work with the Written Reflection.• Take ownership of your Evocative Production: give it a name or title that easily depicts the theoretical theme or experience.• Describe the intention of your Evocative Production i.e. what concepts or themes are you trying to portray, how you went about it. This may include:o Why you chose the population group/issueo You may wish to provide some background to the population group/issueo What was the issue portrayed; be specific hereo Why you chose the mediumo Why you chose the layouto Why you chose particular colours• Link your Evocative Production to the key sociological themes you wish toconvey e.g.:o Institutionalisationo Stigmao Stereotypingo Prejudiceo You will need references to support any definitions or referenceto these themes.• Draw on information presented in the topic lectures, readings or tutorials plus search for relevant literature that provides references that are from quality primary sources.o You may be able to link more than one lecture/reading/tutorial to your theme.• As this is a reflection piece it can be written in part in first person.• This assessment will need a reference list.• If a written medium is chosen for the Evocative Production you must also complete the supporting Written Reflection.
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