One of the arguments I often hear about why health care is not a right given to the citizens of the United States is that it was not written into the Constitution or the Bill of Rights as something guaranteed to our citizens. For this assignment I want you to conduct a little research and write a 2 page paper which should include the following: 1- A description of what medicine and health care consisted of in the decade the constitution was written 1780’s-1790’s2- If you were a contributor to writing the constitution during this time what would be your argument to include health care as a right to all citizens in these important documents?3- If you were a contributor to writing the constitution during this time how do you think you’d be perceived?  More specifically, would you be considered a responsible and ethical individual or something else?(Be sure to cite your sources but have some fun with your responses) This one needs to be two pages!
In the following case, identify the ideals, or ideals and obligations, that are in conflict. Examine the action taken or proposed and decide whether it achieves the greater good (or lesser harm).2. The issue of health care rationing was an important factor in the debate over the health care bill that President Obama signed into law in 2010.Whether such rationing will occur remains to be seen.  If it does, though, it will undoubtedly have the greatest effect on the elderly — that is, some government administrator or health care panel may decide that certain expensive medical procedures will not be approved for people above a certain age.Similar decisions could also be made about the level of care given in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. ( No page limit on this one)
Select ONE of the inquiries below to answer.
For the one you select to respond, identify the conflicting obligations and decide whether the action taken is morally right.  Be sure to consider the requirement of proportion.13. A very competent druggist, well versed in the latest pharmacological studies, receives a prescription from a physician and recognizes that it is for a dangerous, highly addictive, and largely discredited medication.  She calls the physician and is told curtly to mind her own business.  As the customer waits in the front of the store, the druggist ponders the situation. “Should I refuse to fill it? Should I tell the customer I am certain the doctor has made a mistake?  Should I call the medical board and report the incident?”  She decides to fill the prescription.(No page limit on this one)
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