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research activist hedge fund company Starboard Value’s methodologies (I’ve provided some valuable links in this folder) and to find a company that you think is a prime target for major restructuring like Yahoo and Olive Garden (two of Starboard’s more recent and famous takeovers).

Research and discuss Starboard’s criteria and methodology. (I have included links in this folder for your perusal.) How do they select a company? What are its criteria? How do they go about their process of exerting control over the company?

2.You are a Senior Analyst working there. Find and investigate a potential company you think would be a suitable target for Starboard. What characteristics make the target company a good candidate based off your research? Conversely, what might make them not such a good candidate?
3.Assuming you gained a strong position in the company’s equity, what problems do you see with the company that need to be overcome? What corrective actions would you suggest the company make?
Here are websites that may help:


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