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Discussion 3 | Sociology | Saint Leo UniversityJune 7, 2021

Unit 3, Argument and Persuasion: Stating Opinions and Proposals (371)Read the introduction and paired readings that take a stand for both sides of the controversial issue. David B, Muhlhausen How the Death Penalty Saves Lives.Semon Frank Thompson What I learned from Executing two Men. Create an essay from prompt #1 on page 399. This essay requires you to pick a side of the issue. Whichever you decide, (1) incorporate in-text citations from the pro or con essay. Also, (2) you will need to bring in outside sources to substantiate your side.Try or your LFCC library which has databases full of scholarly articles and information about this topic. Your Works Cited page will contain your textbook and one or two sources. For this essay, try sophisticating your analytical skills. Do this: As for the evidence that contradicts your opinion, use it to try to anticipateand respond toreaders likely objection to your view. textbook is Fourteenth Edition of The Brief Bedford Reader
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