cp 2competitor matrixes 1 page

Please based on the business I created in the file I upload
Capstone Project Overview
You have spent several months looking for work, landing a few interviews, but something does not
seem right. After much soul searching, you have realized that you are an entrepreneur at heart and
want to open up your own business. You know it will not be easy, but it’s something you need to do.
Your Capstone Project will consist of 5 parts and will focus on the many decisions you are going to
make prior to opening your business. The end product of your work will be a phenomenal sales
presentation that you can share with potential investors. Remember – all 5 parts of the Capstone
Project are related to each part building on the next part.
Capstone Project Part 2
Your Competition
More than likely, your business is going to have some sort of competition. All successful businesses
research their competition on a regular basis. One systematic method of monitoring your
competition is to create a
Competitor Matrix
for your industry.
For Capstone Project Part 2, you will need to create a Competitor Matrix
and evaluate your potential
competitors. Refer to
for examples of
Competitor Matrixes
Include at least six features and benefits, and four different competito
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