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A couple weeks ago The New York Times published a story (Links to an external site.) about the worlds first “Cybercrime in Outer Space”. Read the following blog post (Links to an external site.) as it relates to the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act. Discuss the following among your peers:

What happened?
Do you think the employee committed a crime?
Should the employee be prosecuted and or fired?
Should the employees agency define a policy about Cybercrime in Outer space?
Should the laws be updated to include Cybercrime in Outer space?

Initial responses . and Respond to two of your peers posts
Be sure to cite all outside knowledge using proper APA formatting.

Discussion Posts : Initial discussion posts must be answered by
. Respond to two of your classmates posts by /… in order to achieve full credit. Be sure that both initial posts and responses follow APA citation formatting. This is a graduate level course therefore one
-word discussion posts and responses will NOT be accepted. This can be avoided by diving deeper into a point someone
raised, sharing your opinion, or lessons learned from experience.

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