this is a powerpoint on case 24 it require a dashboard to analyze the question

Part B of this 2-part project, is to prepare the material (PowerPoint,) that you will use to present the Financial and Operating Analysis to the Board of Directors. Recall that you are the Special Assistant to the CEO and that your goal is to replace the current full financial and operating performance discussion at board meetings with a more limited, but well focused, discussion of Key Performance Issues (KPIs). Your presentation should include the recommended 5 Financial KPIs and 5 Operating KPIs and the rationale for why these KPIs were selected. The KPIs should be organized into a Dashboard that will more easily allow members of the board to assess performance and movement toward goals/targets. Finally, you should make clear and specific recommendations/actions to improve operating and financial performance.
He want us to use dashboard financial operating indicator (google it and see what pops up) he want it included in the powerpoint
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