National Epic Discussion –

National Epic DiscussionOrder DescriptionFor this assignment, select and retell an epic of your choice. The version you “retell” should be very particular, for instance, a specific translation, work of literature, or film that presents the epic, whether as “the original” or as some kind of reference or influence (see Ziolkowsky). Analyze this version for messages the author(s) of the version are sending about their society, whether they are critiques, praise, or plans for reform. Pay attention to how versions treat the same characters, symbols, and themes differently (recall our discussion of the snake that eats the flower of immortality in versions and retellings of Gilgamesh). You are welcome to use material and epics from the course (The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou or Gilgamesh and the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Darmok, for instance) but the analysis should be original and your own (cite references if needed; developing points made in the lecture and discussion is encouraged). You are encouraged to compare and contrast various versions of the epic. The completed essay should be five to ten pages in length, double spaced.*The syllabus specifies that for this assignment, students must engage with 4 theoretical concepts .
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