mrtg628 online customer relationship management crm

Develop an APA PowerPoint presentation of 8–11 slides for a proposal, including 200–250 words of speaker notes per slide with in-text citation references, covering the following:

The proposal should begin with a brief explanation of each separate technique (1–2 slides).
Present your evaluation of 3–4 of the technique’s strategic contributions to the e-business’s market leadership for MedEd/CHC (3–4 slides). The specific techniques that you should evaluate in your plan include the following:

Personalized customer interaction
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Customer experience management (CEM)
Interactive relationship marketing
Mass customization

Conclude with a proposed plan integrating at least 3–4 of the strategic techniques to achieve the e-business’s CRM and relationship marketing objectives for MedEd/CHC (4–5 slides).

Use the presentation’s Notes section to describe concept applications in detail.
**Powerpoint slide may be changed, but must keep APA style slide min and with a min of 200 in text citiation
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