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Part 1 Exercise Questions (40 points)
Complete exercise questions 1 (5 pts), 3 (5 pts), 5 (10 pts), 6 (5 pts) and 9 (15 pts) found at the end of Chapter 8.
Part 2 Scheduling Problem (50 points)
Complete the following:
Your child is a member of the school theater group and have been asked to prepare the schedule, etc. for a skit to be performed during the 4th of July celebration in the local village square. As a volunteer, you offer to serve as the project controller because of your expertise in schedule management.

Construct an AON diagram similar to the format used in the Youtube videos found in the commentary using an MS Excel spreadsheet. Ensure that you include a Start activity and a Finish activity. Include a legend (example is the one completed in Question 1, Part 1.
Calculate the estimated time for each activity using PERT techniques for the 3 estimates provided. Include a sample calculation.
Prepare a table that identifies all paths and their lengths. Which path is the critical path?
During the execution phase of the skit project, one of the activities on the critical path is delayed by one day. Is this serious?
Using the activity estimates for optimistic, pessimistic and most likely time to complete activities on the critical path, qualitatively discuss the estimate uncertainty of the critical path.

I have attached the detail of the assignment and books as well. Please see the attachment.
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