cj500 controversial issues in criminal justice short paper

Requirements attached, rubric and reading both attached. For this assignment, you will write a short paper proposing a strategy to minimize the negative impact a selected issue may have on the
criminal justice system. By beginning to analyze one specific issue, this paper will help prepare you for your Milestone One submission in Module Three.
There are many controversial topics in the field of criminal justice. So far, you have been introduced to a few of these issues, such as improper or excessive use of force, police corruption, disparity in prison sentences based on race, improper training or policies, racial profiling, and civil liability, to name a few. Often, these issues create a negative public perception of the criminal justice system.
After being introduced to the controversial issues of victims’ rights and jailhouse informants in this module’s resources, you will select one such critical issue that is interesting to you and propose a strategy to minimize the negative impact this issue has on public perception of the field of criminal justice.
This assignment may be related to the issue you will ultimately select in Module Three for your final project, and should certainly get you thinking about controversial issues in the criminal justice system. First, to choose an issue to complete this task, refer to the module’s resources and the following optional resource for Module Two: A Criminal Quartet: The Supreme Court’s Resolution of Four Critical Issues in the Criminal Justice System. This resource examines four recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings related to controversial issues in the criminal justice arena. You may also select your own issue.
Next, identify and utilize a problem solving strategy after reviewing the Problem-Solving Strategies and Sample document. You may also use your own strategy. Additionally, you need to identify and analyze an evidence-based practice that will be most effective in dealing with the issue you selected. In your paper, analyze the controversial issue and describe how it may negatively affect public perception of the criminal justice system.
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