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 Global Nutrition and EBP 
Chapter 14 is all about “Feeding the World.”  It discusses population growth and limited resources, hunger, food insecurities, and sustainable agriculture. The underlying cause of hunger and food insecurity is that food available in the world is not distributed equitably.  Use your own words.   Do not cut and paste information.   Respond with a meaningful numbered paragraph for each question.
Discussion (4 questions):
(1)Find an organization online that addresses equity in nutrition and summarize their efforts.  What is the name of the organization and provide their link/web address. 
(2)What are they doing to address these inequities?
(3)What other aspects of life can lead to vulnerabilities in attaining adequate nutrition? How?
(4)  What is EBP?   Explain the importance of EBP (evidenced based practice) in a college class such as nutrition and in science based industries such as nursing.   
Use your text book and reliable sources.  Use your own words.  I expect a meaningful paragraph response to each question asked.  Post/identify your answers in order as listed above numbered.  Separate paragraphs for each question.  Do not cut and paste. 
References this week: (1) the organization website and (2) your textbook or a professional reference that supports the topic of their efforts.

Initial posts must be a minimum of 300 words in length and include two (2) valid references [textbook, nutrition journal article, or nutrition