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The Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experience (DCE) provides a dynamic, immersive experience designed to improve your skills and clinical reasoning through the examination of digital standardized patients.
The link provided here is the single sign-on link you will use to complete assignments in the Shadow Health platform. The Shadow Health integration functions optimally in the Chrome browser.
You will be automatically registered on the Shadow Health website via your LoudCloud credentials. However, you will need to accept the privacy policy to proceed to your course. Once in the course section, complete the Shadow Health Orientation in Topic 1. Follow the instructions for each subsequent assignment accordingly.
Each Digital Clinical Experience will have an accompanying interview guide that provides an outline of the experience’s components and requirements. When collapsed, the interview guide will appear directly above the question box. Clicking on the teal plus sign will expand the guide and allow navigation through the data points required for the assignment, while also providing a means of tracking your progress through the experience. All Shadow Health assignments may be re-opened and re-attempted.
If you have any questions or encounter any technical issues throughout the term, please visit the Shadow Health Learner Support page at, contact Shadow Health customer support at 1-800-860-3241, or e-mail the Learner Support team directly at
Students will have access to Shadow Health as long as they are enrolled in their program at Grand Canyon University.
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