Movie( Joker) analyze

This assignment needs to be 2 pages no less than 500 words double space, Times New Roman font
The movie Joker is about a man by the name of Arthur Fleck. We can trace nearly every step of his descent into destruction.  
 After reading your paper, the reader should be able to understand why Joker became the joker. 
A- Define the biopsychosocial theory (source) (5 points) 
B- Using the Biopsychosocial interactionist theory that we have been going over 
this semester,  give examples of scenes from the movie that explain how his character was shaped.
While watching this movie- what were the  factors that Arthur  experienced that 
led him to exhibit symptoms of a personality disorder. Explain what you think is going on from a
1- biological standpoint, you must refer to the movie. 
2- psychological standpoint, you must refer to the movie
3- psychosocial standpoint you must refer to the movie.
You can refer to any pioneer in psychology we spoke about in class ( 30 points) 
You may also add your own opinion but you must support your theory with a credible article. Cite yourself. 
C.  Do you think the destruction could have been prevented? yes or no, how? 
Please explain your answers with any additional references. You may use your textbook. You need a reference section only. Please include in-text citations when explaining your analysis. (10 points ) 
You will not get credit if you do not have intext citations 
You must answer all of the questions
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