Movie / Analyze this

The title of this movie is Analyze this. You can also watch Analyze that if you would like to see the sequel. 
This assignment should not be less than one page. You must include a reference section. 
You will be graded according to the effort you put into this assignment.  You must explain your answers, this is not a short answer assignment.  All questions should be answered or you will not get credit. 
A) I want you to choose a character in the film. It can be anyone you want.
(example  Paul Vitti, Dr. Sobel, Dr. Sobel’s fiance, Dr. Sobel’s son, Dr. Sobel’s dad or mom, etc. ) 
B) You must watch the movie, describe the behaviors you have observed that your character is exhibiting. Reference to the scenes in the movie
C) What disorder do you think your character is suffering from? ( you should use your textbook ) Define the disorder as per your reference, you can use chapter Chapter 15 to help you.
D) Looking back at the 7 perspectives, choose 1, or you may choose 2 to explain the cause of the condition.  Define the perspective (s)
You must accurately explain how you came up with your answer. You must refer to the movie scene. 
E) Did you enjoy this movie, why or why not? This can be subjective but you must 
have a premise.
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