Integrative Paper Guidelines Second Part |

Assignment Content


Upon completion of this second of three parts to your Integrative Paper, you will have completed a synthesis and critical evaluation of contemporary research in complex adaptive systems (CAS) and innovation. You will have also explained how the systems theories presented in Part 1 of your paper help to explain the CAS in health care. 
Read the Integrative Paper Guidelines provided attached to prepare you for this second of three assignments during this course. 
Locate 3 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on systems thinking and/or innovation in the University Library. All articles must meet the following criteria:
Write a 1,050- to 1,225-word paper in which you do the following:
Note: This paper will become the “Depth” section of your final integrative paper.
Note: Your description and critical analysis should be a synthesized, cohesive, and integrated discussion of the research and not an article-by-article report. 
Support your descriptions and analysis with references to 3 credible sources. Include In text citations and a reference page.